Fortress Rasnov

     The big day trip from Brasov is this: you take the bus from Brasov to Castle Bran.  Then, on your way back, you stop by Rasnov, which is about 2/3 of the way out.  The are complementary.  Bran is more kitsch and castle fun.  Rasnov is older and served more of a military purpose.

     No matter how you go, you need to climb to the top of Fortress Rasnov.  Because we missed the direct entrance (a steep staircase basically going straight up, which appeared to be hiding at the back of a dilapidated restaurant), we followed the signs to the long way up, a circuitous paved road slowly winding its way to the top.  We weren't the only ones to take the long way, though.  We were following this other guy. 

Who knew the way to the fortress was to follow the sign that said Restaurant - Pub - Castel?

     The payoff for taking the long way: the views on the way up.

Fortress Rasnov

The view from the hills

The view from one of the windows at Rasnov.

Another vista 


Cindy and Ed at the peak of the citadel.

At the entrance to the fortress, a skeleton had been unearthed and put on display.
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