Paris: Museums and Runny Eggs
     Jetlagged, we woke up early and hopped into a cafe next door. Cindy ordered the Parisian petit dejeuner: coffee, bread (with butter and jam), a glass of OJ and a croissant. I ordered the American petit dejeuner: the same as the Parisian, plus an egg with ham.  Again, the food kicked ass.  The croissant was fresh and flaky.  The bread was crusty and flavorful with a rich unsalted butter.  The coffee was strong.  Even the ham and egg were unusually good, although I noticed with some concern that the egg was undercooked (by American standards) and runny. But I thought, this is France. Surely the eggs, even somewhat raw, would be safe.  

       After breakfast, we took the Metro to The Louvre. Cindy saw the museum through the lens of Dan Brown.  Pointing to one room, she said "That's the room where the priest was found murdered in The Da Vinci Code!"

      You may notice we didn't take many pictures of paintings at The Louvre. Sorry, we didn't think of it at the time.

Ceiling at The Louvre.

Me lookin' at some art.

Cindy liked this painting because it featured what appeared to be a pedicure. 


Cindy with some supposedly-famous painting in the background.

Cindy liked this painting because it had children petting their dogs.


The Venus de Milo.

Glass pyramids 'n' us.

Cindy and The Obelisk of Luxor.

Cindy at the M'O, the Museum d'Orsy.

Interior of the MO.
Below are several photos we took at the Museum d'Orsy.

The Arc de Triomphe.

Along the Champs Elysees, a giant Louis Vuitton ad.

Dusk in the Rue Cler district.
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